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BigLib is an open-access digital library for academic archives. We collect and archive all types of academic works, including:

  • Published works: journal papers, books, etc.
  • Unpublished works: working papers, reviews, scholarly letter and communications, etc.
  • Conference papers and works
  • Student works: undergraduate and graduate’s course works, essays, thesis, and dissertations
  • Any other academic works (undergraduate level and higher)

Users can upload and archive their work in most file types, except for executable files and program codes. We do not charge any cent from individual author and creators, but we charge institutional users for repository hosting services. BigLib is operated by Bigedu Foundation, a not-for-profit organization regulated by Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

Contact us

Bigedu Foundation

1595 Sixteenth Ave, Suite 301
Beaver Creek, ON, L4B 3N9, Canada
Email: info@bigedu.org
Tel: +1 888-807-8228
Web: www.bigedu.org